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Guaranteed Analysis

  • Total Amino Acid : 30%
  • Free Amino Acid : 18%
  • Total N : 8%

PRO AMIN® Liquid 30 is an organic biostimulator containing more than 30% amino acids and peptides. Through quick absorbance by leaves and transfer to the planttissues, PRO AMIN® Liquid 30 amino acidsact as natural biostimulants. They support plant recovery during abiotic and bioticstress. PRO AMIN® Liquid 30 has the advantage that it adheres very well to leaves because of its high viscosity, and it acts as an organic trace element chelator. Therefore it is widely used as a foliar fertilizer in combination with other water soluble fertilizers and in combination with almost all commercial plant protection agents to enhance their efficiency. As a result of increased photosynthesis and sugar production, PRO AMIN® Liquid 30 produces a qualitative and quantitative increase in plant growth.PRO AMIN® Liquid 30 improves the uptake of micronutrient fertilizers (e.g. Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu) due to the activity of amino acids as natural chelators. The use as a foliar fertilizer supports the plant in better absorption of mineral fertilizers and nutrients naturally present in the soil.

Application Rate

  • FOLIAR : 100-300 cc/ 100 L
  • Irrigation : 10 L / Ha
  • Drop Irrigation : 5 L / Ha